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Aluminum Extrusion

Crystal Finishing Systems Inc began expanding into the aluminum extrusion service in 2002. Our extrusion department has since achieved ISO 9001 quality registration. We currently have six aluminum extrusion presses, including an 11-inch Sutton Aluminum Extrusion Press and a new 7-inch Extral Aluminum Extrusion Press, and a 8-inch Tecalex Extrusion Press, all of which were installed in 2015 at our Mosinee facility. In Weston, we have a 10/12-inch Sutton Extrusion Press, a 7 inch Extrusion and 8-inch Extrusion Press. We also feature new Emmebi automated aluminum extrusion packaging systems in both facilities. In fact, our equipment makes us one of the most flexible and automated aluminum extruding companies in the United States.

Six Aluminum Extrusion Presses to Meet All of Your Needs

Aluminum extrusion is a process through which aluminum billet is heated and pushed into an opening of a specific shape in a die. As the billet is pushed through the opening, it takes on the shape of the die. As the billet comes out of the die, it is cooled to solidify its new shape. The weights of extruded billets range from 0.100 ## per foot to 16.0 ## square foot.

Aluminum Extrusion, WI


Aluminum extrusion is a process that is useful for a wide range of products and markets.
Industries for which we have completed extrusion projects include:

● Building & Construction
● Recreational & Marine
● Machinery & Equipment
● Medical Equipment
● Automotive & Electronics
● Signage & Displays
● Transportation

Alloys Extruded

• 6005
• 6005A
• 6061
• 6063 and 6063B

Billet Sizes

• 7”
• 8”
• 10”
• 11”
• 12”

Temper Ranges

• T1
• T4
• T5
• T52
• T6

Press Sizes

• 7” 1675 ton
• 7” 2000 ton
• 8” 2200 ton
• 8” 2500 ton
• 10-12” 4000 ton
• 11” 3650 ton

Thermal Barriers

Thermal barriers help to prevent heat transfer between metals by separating outer aluminum framing from inner aluminum framing with a substance that has a lower capability for conducting heat. We utilize Azon system and their Azo-Brader™ abrasion system on the thermal cavity before filling it with polyurethane.

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